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Welcome to Trpanj, picturesque south Dalmatian village situated on the North West side of the Pelješac Peninsula in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Trpanj is a small town, but has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Formerly, Trpanj was a place of fishermens and farmers. At the present time the town became a tourist oasis of Pelješac.

The traces of life from prehistoric times in form of ceramic objects were found here. The remains were found on the slopes of the Gradina hills that dominate over Trpanj seaport. The continuity of life continued in late Antique, when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian built a Gradina fortress which represents the most important culture monument in Trpanj - the fortress is also an excellent vantage point.

Trpanj has an important place in history. During the Croatian National Revival in Dalmatia, thanks to regulation under which the Croatian language became the official language instead of then dominant Italian language, Trpanj residents have demanded that the trade register is kept in Croatian language. That decision sparked anger of autonomists who sarcastically called the people of Trpanj -"terribili farauni". That name made the people from Trpanj very proud. The Hotel Faraon was named out of that expression.

Enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean, the crystal clear waters and numerous beaches in and around its region: gravel, sand, concrete, or the rocky beaches... The Pozor Beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches with showers and bar, located in front of Hotel Faraon. Entrance to the sea is accessible, and a part of the beach is protected with pines from direct sunlight. All mentioned above makes this beach an ideal beach for small children. 

If you more prefer to enjoy in the nightlife, there are numerous bars, cocktail bars and discos in Trpanj where you can easily welcome the early morning hours.

"...You can't be hurt by mean people. Hear! 
The sea and sky tell the same story.
The paradise must be somewhere near Neretva flows and says don't worry."
Jiri Mahen

This poem was written in August 1928, by Czech poet Jiri Mahen when he was leaving Trpanj.



Late Antique vast fortress is situated on a hill just above the port. It is believed that Gradina will most likely built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who also built numerous forts along the coast to ensure smooth sailing of merchant ships. Gradina is now considered the most important culture monument in Trpanj, and the fortress that is at the same time an excellent vantage point, can be reached by stairways built in 1936 year.
The Church of St. Peter and Paul 
This church was first mentioned in historical records with the date of 15th September 1657. From the art of sacred works that are in this church, the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary is worth mentioning. The statue was brought from Italy in 1855 and after, it occurred on the municipal seal. The day when the statue was brought to Trpanj was celebrated as a feast to 1912 year.

Church of Our Lady of Caramel 
This church was built in 1645 due to the testament by Stjepan Jerolimov Gundulić, who was than a predial patron of Trpanj. He ordered that after his death, the part of his income in the next 40 years is to be given for the construction of the church in the center of Trpanj. He also demanded that church should be the shape and size as the "Holy House" of Loreto. It is interesting that, after the Pope approved that the transfer cult of the "Holy House" become a holiday in 1632 - the feast of Our Lady of Caramel celebrates as the largest feast in Trpanj from 1683 year. 

The church of St. Antun 
It was built as a covenant of Antun Simonetti Šimunov-Antunović in year 1695. The church has a baroque altar, and from the other half of the 18th century, church has a simple floor mosaic dating from the 1847 year. 

The church of St. Roko
At the highest hill in Trpanj, with a magnificent view of the rooftops of Trpanj and Neretva channel, at the basis of older church in the first half of the 17th century, the church to the protector against plague was built.

The church of St. Nikola
The church was built by mariner Klement Cvitanović in 1840, as a vow - "Because covered by waves, released from death", as it is written on the stone inscription of the entrance door threshold of the church fence.



In Trpanj and vicinity, there are many, and especially beautiful beaches. The beaches are mostly sandy and enriched with natural shade of pine trees and palms. 

This beach is located just outside the hotel Faraon. The beach is pebble of medium coarse gravel, with concrete part of the deck for sunbathing. It is ideal for children for its gradually entrance into the sea and the natural shade of pine trees. The beach is equipped with showers. It is possible to rent sea kayaks and canoes on the beach and enjoy the water activities. Also, a rental of deck chairs for comfortable sunbathing is possible. Beach bar located right on the beach is ideal for quick refreshments. 
This pebble beach is a favorite bathing-place of people from Trpanj and is located at the eastern entrance to Trpanj, at the bay of same name. Also, it offers a natural shade and a gradual entry into the sea, which makes it ideal for children. The beach bar is located along the beach.
Ten kilometers from Trpanj to the village of Duba, there is a sandy-gravel beach called Divna (Splendid). Even the name itself reveals immodestly its natural beauty that emanates from the contrast of white sand and turquoise sea. The beach is suitable for children. Just along the beach there is an auto-camp with a beach bar.

Jezero (Lake) is a bay with a sandy-pebble beach, 12 km away from Trpanj. Beach can be accessed only by sea and we will recommend it as the place where you will find true pleasure to swim and stay in pristine nature. The lake that surrounds the beach at the mainland side, contributes to beauty and uniqueness of this beach, and the water from the lake flows into the sea from clear brook across the white gravels from the beach. The beach can be visited in organized half-day boat trip which departs from Trpanj. 

We included the Blace bay at the last place on this list. Although the bay is not a beach, it is the right place for swimming. The cove can be reached by a ten minute easy walk around the promenade by the sea. The Blace bay is covered in therapeutic mud. According to the results of tests of Medicine University of Zagreb, Department of Physiotherapy in Sarajevo and other foreign institutions, it has been proved that Trpanj mud has mechanical and chemical characteristics that make it belong to a group of medicinal mud, so called Peloids. Besides the mud (peloid), Blace owns other natural factors: a naturally beautiful and quiet bay, the sea and pleasant climate makes it a combination of natural factors that can favorably affect the human body for the purposes of treatment, recreation and rehabilitation. 
Apart from these beaches in Trpanj, there is a nudist beach and a number of romantic beaches and hidden coves and beaches waiting for you to discover them!


Although Trpanj is a small place, it has no lack of entertainment. Concerts, Nights of Dalmation klape (acapello groups), Fishermen nights, folk festivity and dance for holidays, miss beauty elections, numerous bars, restaurants, taverns, cocktail bar, beach bar and a discotheque during the summer months are a guarantee of good fun. A true and welcoming host certainly contributes to good atmosphere and will take care of your unforgettable vacation. 
We bring you a brief overview of major events, and you can always get your copy of current schedule of events "Trpanj summer" in Tourism Association Office in Trpanj. 

2nd of July - The Day of Trpanj municipality, usually organized: bowling tournament, live music 

5th of August - Illumination on Škojera, anent Homeland Thanksgiving Day, live music and games and contests for visitors

15th of August - Celebration of the Assumption, the largest festivity in Trpanj. During a morning hours, the Mass is held on Škojera, the little island in front of the dock in Trpanj. Particularly impressive are the scenes of a number of moored boats with passengers who come to Mass. The whole day entertainment on the waterfront, a fun evening awaits you with live music of famous entertainers, lottery for visitors, fireworks and dancing until the early morning hours. 
Other events in July:

  • Klapa Nights in the old part of town Andričići. There is no better stage and ambiance for enjoying the songs of old Dalmatian stone streets called "kala", of course with a glass of famous Pelješac wine.
  • Fishermen Nights - Enjoy an evening walk along the Trpanj waterfront and taste freshly prepared grilled fish and local wine.

Other events in August:

  • Miss beach election is usually held in early August, but is traditionally held in the beach bar on the beach in front of Hotel Faraon. Many girls, Trpanj guests from all over the world and the local girls are trying to charm the jury and spectators with their beauty and win valuable prizes.
  • Evenings of Dalmatian wines - are held on the Trpanj waterfront, and with the involvement of a professional leader, tasting of famous Pelješac wines from local wineries is possible for all Trpanj visitors.
  • Klapa Nights in the old part of town Andričići.
  • Fishermen nights at Trpanj waterfront.

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